Clinique Anti-Blemish Solution Review

Hello blog! Long time no writing, gosh I miss filling my blog post. Anyway I’m in the mood of writing these days but doesn’t really know what I should type, so probably let’s start with reviewing my Clinique anti-blemish solution liquid makeup.


Having an acne prone skin, not much can suite my skin but thank god I never have a problem with this one. Even though the foundation is quite pricey, but trust me if you are trying to find a foundation that suitable for oily, acne prone and sensitive skin, this is worth every penny of it. The consistency of the product is very liquid and light-weight with light to medium coverage. Well I believe the result of this is more like a tinted moisturizer than a foundation which is I like. So if you are looking for something that can cover all of your problem this is might be not for you.

The foundation itself claim to contain salicylic acid and can treat the acne but well I’m not really sure about it. Yes my face never react badly on this product but after using this for a year I don’t really see that kind of function. If you sniff the foundation, it doesn’t has any perfume or floral fragrance like many cosmetics these days which is I like because usually when the product smells nice it doesn’t do nice to my skin. But… I guess this product has alcohol in it because you can smell it directly when you applied it on to your face so I don’t really suggest this for someone who has dry skin or living in a place where humidity is the problem. If you have oily skin as I am you would love this product since it is very light weight and does it job to control your sebum production. Overall I really love this product, in fact this is actually my second bottle and I don’t plan to change my everyday foundation any time soon. So how about you? What is your favorite foundation or tinted moisturizer or bb cream? Let me know for sure. And see you in another post!!



Review: Avene Thermal Spring Water

I live in a tropical country named Indonesia. Just like any other tropical countries out there Indonesia is very humid and hot throughout the year and even though I have been living here since I was born, my skin still acts up very bad with the weather sometimes. Every time the weather is too hot and humid I will suffer from redness, oily skin and bad break out. Because of this, I need something that is not only can soothe my skin but also suitable for my sensitive skin. I’ve read on the internet about Avene and how good their products are for a sensitive skin like mine. So, I decided to try The Avene Thermal Spring Water because there are a lot of people out there rave about this product with their ability to soothe and softening skin, which I need every time the weather turns to be so hot. And I was so lucky because when I bought it, it was on sale in Watsons (discount is a girl best friend).


This product comes in 50 ml, 150 ml and 300 ml bottle. I personally prefer the 50 ml one because it’s very travel friendly. The bottle itself just like any other spray product that comes in a can bottle like, but what I love about it is how simple and clean it looks in white color. Most of the words that written on the bottle are in France so I don’t really know what is in the ingredients of this face mist particularly. But I did a little bit of research on the internet and it is said that Avene Thermal Spring Water consist of low mineral composition 206 mg/l, calcium/magnesium bicarbonate profile (ratio Ca/Mg = 2), rich in silica: 10.6 mg/l, very rich in trace elements and neutral pH: 7,5. These components are particularly recommended for the most sensitive skin.


What I love about this product is its ability to soothe my skin and how multipurpose it is. Indonesia is a very hot country and every time I have an outdoor activity (mostly swimming) my face is red like a tomato and after that usually one or two big pimples will show up. I actually didn’t had a high expectation over this product before but when I got home after swimming and saw my face in the mirror, my skin looked normal not red at all and didn’t feels sting or burnt just like what I usually had after swimming, which is very amazing. The other thing I love about Avene Thermal Water Spring is it also very moisturizing.  Right now I’m using a medical prescribed to cure my acne and it dries my skin up so bad. So, lately I’m spraying my face with Avene Thermal Water before I start using my prescribed face cream or every time I feel my face very dry. Now I can see my dry patches are less. Sometimes I also use it as a setting spray after I applied my makeup or just to freshen up my look after a long tiring day. To sum up, I really love this product and if you go to Watson and find this thing, just don’t have any second thought and grab it fast (especially if they are on sale), because it so damn worth it!

Something Extraordinary Multipurpose For An Extraordinary You

Who doesn’t love multipurpose products, right? I do love multipurpose products, in terms of how efficient and such a time saver they can be. One of my favorite multipurpose products is L’oreal Extraordinary Oil. This oil can works as a vitamin, heat protector, and also finishing touch after hair styling to give a glossier and healthier look for your hair. Too many purposes in a bottle and I just can’t live without it, well it actually my hair that can’t live without it as hot styling tools has becoming a mandatory thing for me now.

Actually this is my third bottle of the product and the packaging just recently changed from their glass bottle to a plastic one. So, today L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil comes in a 100 ml plastic bottle with a pump. And because there is a high demand for this product in my country L’oreal just launched a 50 ml version that is more travel friendly and maybe you can buy this 50 ml bottle first to try this product rather than buying a big one. The product itself is a transparent oil, but don’t worry because it quickly absorb into your hair and doesn’t live any sticky greasy feeling plus it smells really great.

It is very easy to use this oil, all you need to do is pump the product, rubs it in your hands then applies it from the middle to the end of your hair. After I wash my hair I usually let it dry by itself until it becomes damp then use three to four pumps of oil in my damp hair so it can absorb better as a hair vitamin. Also before I use my hair styling tools I usually use two pumps of L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil at the end of my hair as a heath protector and two pumps after I finish styling my hair to achieve that healthy glowing hair look. And sometimes when I see my hair looks dull or dry I’d like to give it a pump of L’oreal Extraordinary Oil at the end of my hair and voila it looks better again.

What I love about L’oreal Extraordinary Oil is it is very travel friendly, one bottle for many purposes means space saving in my luggage or hand bag. It also moisturized my hair well without making it looks or feels greasy, plus I don’t have to worry about damaging my hair while using a hot tools. Do I still have compliments over this thing? Yes I do, because one bottle of L’oreal Extraordinary oil only cost for Rp 107.000,-  or around USD 8,10,- and it last for about six to eight months which is so affordable for something that exquisitely amazing. So, if you are a woman full of activities and looking for a multipurpose product for your hair that you can just easily toss to your hand bag and carry around everywhere, L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil might be the answer.

Top 5: Life Lesson

Yesterday I was turning 22 and I still can’t believe I used to think people at my age now is an adult when in fact I don’t feel like I change a lot from the 17 me. I still love cuddling with my mom, I cry sometimes and I need a cup of milk before sleep. Off course I have things to learn for my 22 years of life, and here are my top five life lessons that I wish I knew way before I hit 22. Why five? Simply because I was born at August 5th and I love the number.


For the past two years I’ve been juggling with many problems. Family, love, money, education, you name it all. But at the same time I’ve reach so many things in my life. I travel more, meeting with lots of new people, I let go of something that doesn’t deserve me at all and I feel fantastic about it and etc. So what I learn about this is, if you are in a bottom place of your life, be patient it won’t last forever and if you are in a very high place of your life enjoy it a lot until the last drop of it cause you may not know till when is it going to be last.


I’ve been in the state of I’m asking god “why do you even put me in this situation?” when I have a huge issues last year. And now, I realized that I was there so I can grow up into a better person. I learn many things such as handle stress, I learn life is a cycle of up and down and most important thing is I’m stronger and wiser now and the list goes on. So now every time I have difficulties I always remember what my mom said to me “You are about going to be a better person after this one!”


When you start to compare yourself that’s also the beginning of you complaining about your life, lose your confidence, hate yourself and life never going any better ever since that. It’s a long journey for me also to learn this and stop comparing myself then start to gain my confidence, be happy and love myself. I know it’s just so easy to look at our flaws and imperfection to the point that we start to compare our life with that girl who have long leg, nice skin and new bag every single days when in fact our life is also a beautiful one.  I have acne prone skin, I’m short and wear XL size and I wish I have lots of money to buy a new bag everyday but I don’t. But you know what I have cute dimples, my family loves me unconditionally, my best friends are always there for me, I’m going to university and the list goes on till I can’t even write in here just because it’s too long and you guys are gonna be bored reading it.  So instead of counting your flaws and other people bless, why don’t you start to counting your own bless and be thankful about it.

  1. DO IT NOW!

Either it’s education, traveling or simply starts your own blog. Do it now and not later! I wish I start living a healthy life earlier not to be skinny but to be healthy. I just realized living a healthy life bring the best version of me (psychologically, skin, productivity and etc). So next time, I don’t want to said to myself again “I wish I’m doing this earlier”. Instead I want to say “I’m glad I’ve done it before.”


It’s an important thing to reward yourself for the things that you achieve. Buying a little give for your own self will trigger yourself to work harder. Don’t be too harsh and too stingy with your own self 😉

Review: Yves Rocher Purbleuet Cleansing Water Face and Eyes

Okay, so this post is not going to talk about photography or my traveling journey. Right now I’m going to talk about one of my favorite beauty product. Before I start let me tell you about one of my addiction… yes just like any other girl I am a makeup and skin care junky. Having chances to try out new cosmetics or skin cares actually bring me some kind of joy that I can’t explain. If you are with me, I know what you feel gals!! Unfortunately genes doesn’t lie, I have those sensitive acne prone skin just like the rest of my family and it makes me very much careful in fulfilling my hobby or should I called it as a girls curiosity. Fortunately I made the right decision when buying Yves Rocher Purbleuet Cleansing Water Face and Eyes last December which I still continuing using it up until now.

Yves Rocher Purbleuet Cleansing Water Face and Eyes is a cleansing water or some people called it micellar water to cleanse makeup and dirt from your face. It’s been two years since I’m practicing two step cleansing. One of my friends suggests me to do this, she said it can cleanse my face thoroughly, let skin cares absorb better and lessen my acne and it actually works, THANKS GOD! I found this amazing water coincidentally when I was in Bali and running out of my Etude House Real Art Moisturizing Cleansing Oil. At that time Yves Rocher was having a great sale for opening a new store in a mall that I visited. At first, I was in doubt to buy this one or not, well you need to be very careful in selecting product if you have a sensitive and acne prone skin like I am, right? But the counter lady is so convincing about how good this product is and how save it is for a sensitive skin because of its paraben free and perfume free formula. On the other side, it is cheaper than the Etude House Real Art Moisturizing Cleansing Oil that I religiously used at that time (it’s only IDR 129.000 or around USD 9 for). So at that time I thought of why not trying something new and here I am with my second bottle of it.

The first time I bought it I try to find the review of this product on google but unfortunately there’s only few of it. At first I’m a bit skeptical about this product, because of the price and there’s only few reviews about it, but now I TOTALLY LOVE THIS ONE. It cleanse my face, very gentle on my skin and the most important thing is it doesn’t broke me out. So when I cleansed my face last night I’m thinking about writing a review about this product, in hope more people can know about how good it is. Remember sharing is caring.

Yves Rocher Purbleuet Cleansing Water Face and Eyes come in a purple plastic bottle and I love its packaging caused it’s simple, cute and also travel friendly. It is written to contain botanical-based ingredients such as organic cornflower water from La Gacilly, France and no animal ingredients. Also it claimed to be dermatologist tested, paraben free and perfumed free which I like. The water itself for me is a bit thick and more like a gel but very light weight and refreshing when applied on your skin. I’d like to use a cotton pad to apply the product on my face.

I usually put 2-3 drops on a cotton pad and wipe it on my face. In the first wipe as you can see in the picture below most of the makeup and dirt have been erased, I usually need two to three times of wipes to cleanse my entire face and maybe five to seven times when i’m having a heavy makeup. So you don’t really need much products to cleanse your face, for me one bottle can last four to five months as i rarely having a heavy makeup on. Actually you can start your skin care ritual right after finishing cleanse your face with Yves Rocher Purbleuet Cleansing Water Face and Eyes as it is claimed no rinsing necessary, but I’m a bit clean freak when it comes to cleanse my face due to my acne prone skin so after I’m done with it I always wash my face with my favorite facial foam.



I put my foundation, pencil eyeliner, waterproof liquid eyeliner and matte lipsticks on the back of my arm


After one time wipes of the product


After three times wipe

There are two things I dislike about this product is the smell, since it doesn’t contain any perfume it smell weird for me and I can smell a bit of alcohol fragrance in it. The other thing that I dislike is it’s very gentle so for waterproof eye makeup I need to work on it a little bit or using a special eye makeup remover, but I’m not usually wearing heavy waterproof eye makeup so this product is okay for daily used for me. Other than that, I totally love this product. Would I recommend this to anyone? Yes, off course why I even write this one. Would I repurchase this? Duh, this is my second bottles so the answer is yes unless I (again) coincidently found another cleansing water/ oil cleansing/ milk cleanser/ cleansing balm that can beat Yves Rocher Purbleuet Cleansing Water Face and Eyes. What about you? Do you have any other favorite makeup cleanser? Or maybe just like me you already falling in love with Yves Rocher Purbleuet Cleansing Water Face and Eyes.

Not So Touristy

Last night I was on my cleaning file ritual, you know cleaning all of unimportant file from your laptop. Since mine is kinda old and buying a new one is not an option right now, I need to take extra care for it so it don’t lag and deleting some unused file is one of it. So I reach to my “Exchange to Korea” file. Seeing all the pictures from that time, bring brought lots of memory and I was slightly thinking should I write about it on my blog? Hmm probably not.  You know, I quite unsure about making this post at first. The pictures itself have been dusty on my laptop and it’s kinda late to tell the story about it. But then my mind tells me, you have nothing to do tomorrow so let’s just write something on my blog.

Back in January 2015 I was able to participate on an exchange program held by AIESEC UNHAS, Indonesia. Fortunately I can take part on an exchange program/social project in South Korea that was held by AIESEC Sogang University. I’m a huge fans of Korean entertainment industry back then. K-pop, K-drama, K-food and anything about South Korea you name it, I was crazy about it. Well I’m still a fan now but not as much as one year ago, so having this chance is a bless for me.

Nope I’m not gonna talk about Myungdong even though I love spending my time in that place. I also will not talk about Gangnam or Hongdae or Nami Island. In fact I ain’t gonna talk about Seoul or Busan or any other famous tourism places, since when you google it there will be a lot better information or blog talking about it.  Whenever I travel, I actually seeking for more than a tourism places to go, so I think I quite lucky that I got this project that gave me chance to see and feel a country side area in South Korea. Don’t get me wrong if I ever comeback to South Korea I’m still be very happy to visit Seoul Tower again and hang a love lock in there, but hey being able to see another face of South Korea? I’m in girls.

First village is Cheorwon, Cheorwon is the northernmost place in South Korea and it takes about four hours by bus from Seoul.  You can go to Express Bus terminal station exit number 8 or Go Sok Bus Terminal to take the bus. Since there are tension between North and South Korea, you will find that this place is very near the DMZ area and you will see a lot of young man in an army suit. In Cheorwon, every winter they will hold a Tracking Frozen Hantan River Festival. Me and my fellow exchange student friends were assigned to took participation on this festival and help the local people to hold this festival. I was damn excited about this, even though it’s freezing like crazy (-15°C), born and raised in a tropical country I’ve never seen snow or frozen river in my entire life.


The festival is very cool, lots of local people from big city actually come for this one and tracking this river. Let me tell you one thing, when me and my friends tracked the river sometimes there will be a cracking sound just like the ice about to broke and after we heard that we’ll see each other in a horror face then start to run until we felt like we reach a save place then we start to laughed about it. Sounds creepy right? But it’s a fun experience though. In this festival you can also see many stands of Korean cultures such as traditional games, making coffee with traditional tools or maybe just like me you can see a local fortune teller and asking about your love life hahaha. So if you ever going to South Korea in winter don’t forget to see this festival, I highly recommend it and by the way local people in here also told me in summer there are many people who come for rafting in this river.



Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Second village is Okcheon, it took about two and a half our going there by a train from Seoul Metro Station. It’s warmer in there than in Seoul and the country is famous with fruits and other agricultural product like persimmon, grape, pear, peach and etc. Okcheon also known for its mountainous region, so there are a lot of mountains and the scenery is unbelievably photogenic for me. The village itself is so quiet and calm, runaway from urban life to this village surely will recharge your energy. If you are tired with the hectic life of the city, I really recommend you to come here. Sometimes all we need is inhaling a fresh air and not so gadgety, right?

In this area we helped the community by making mural art on their house and teaching English for kids at a local school. On our very first day we visit the nursing home and greeting the eldery. It was very nice to meet and interact with the local people and to feel their hospitality, just like any other country side the local people here is so nice to us. One of my student even cry while hugged me at my last day of class and said i will miss you seonsaengnim (teacher in Korea), and it was by now the most touching moment of my journey in Korea.

So, how about seeing more adventure in not so touristy places? Well it’s all about your choice, but just like what Dalai Lama said “Once a year. Go some place you’ve never been for.”

A Lil’ Getaway

Oh I love having a lil’ getaway so much… running away from activities is such a very useful method to recharge our self right? So this time me and my mom decided to have our “little getaway” in Singapore and Malaysia. Since it’s been 2 years since our last vacay together, i mean just the two of us i kinda excited about this one. Well, having a vacation with my mom is always good, since she pay for everything :p haha…

By the way, i love photography and city scenery so much and when i reopen my vacation file i realized most of the picture is a city scenery and of course some selfie :p . I kinda feel like it’s too bad to keep it by myself and start to thinking why doesn’t i just share it out, and voila! this blog happen. So here is some of my favorite picture that i took when i was there.

See you in another post or maybe in another lil’ getaway 🙂